When you need to go out, or have an important event or meeting, the famous questions arise: what do I wear? How do I make up? What should I wear? And answering them is very important, since on that depends your comfort and your success. We share these tips so that you always look beautiful, without having to stress deciding what to wear.

How to combine your clothes?

To learn how to combine colors, pay attention to the so-called chromatic circle. Below, we explain some basic rules so that you don't have to carry such a circle inside your bag. In general, you should combine 2 neutral colors with 1 primary color. This way, it never fails. Neutral colors: white, black, gray. Primary colors: basic colors (yellow, blue, red). As much as you believe it, black does NOT match everything. For example, it doesn't go well with navy blue or dark brown. Never use more than one printed piece at the same time. The prints are beautiful, but they carry the view if they are present in more than one piece. Accessories: combine cold colours with silver accessories, and warm colours with gold accessories. When combining white pieces, do not combine them with more light colours. Use darker shades. As a general rule and in order not to be out of step, you should wear shoes and a bag of a similar colour. It doesn't mean they need to be the same.

How to dress according to the occasion?

There are several aspects that need to be taken into account. So that you don't panic, take these basic principles into consideration: For a wedding: Limit yourself to the dress code required, taking into account place, time and climate. At a wedding during the day, avoid pieces with embroidery, stones and excessive glitter. If it is on the beach, do not (obviously!!!) wear velvet pieces. Never wear white dresses or very bright colors. At a wedding, do not wear the same old accessories. For example, leave at home the watch you wear at work and even at the gym. Do not dress with very private or very low-cut garments. Both give an inadequate image. Not so much to heaven or earth. Regarding accessories, use the "less is more" rule. A good basic black coat, without buckles or applications, matches any dress and is always elegant. For a formal dinner: Use a more relaxed color, like blue. Blouses are a great option for the evening. Choose a beautiful design, with collar and buttons, for example, and invest in white, black and even navy blue. Long-sleeved or three-quarter shirts never fail. The famous tubby skirt is great for the occasion, combined with blouse or shirt. It can go up to the knee or a little higher. The blazer, like a black dress, is always a safe bet: a black dress up to the knee combined with a jacket or blazer, the right accessories and high-heeled shoes represent a successful combination. For an informal dinner: You can wear jeans and a pretty blouse, or a stylish dress, but without exaggeration. For the beach: A soft beach dress and your bikini underneath is always the coolest, simplest and most pleasant option. Short beach outings are excellent alternatives to disguise those details of your silhouette that you don't like very much. Don't go to the beach without sandals. They protect your feet from the heat and dangerous things that may be hidden in the sand. You can't forget your sunglasses. Choose to keep them attached to your neck so you lose them if you decide to go in the water with them.

How to protect yourself from the sun in style?

Care and protection from the sun is basic, whatever your skin tone. Always use sunscreen, applying it several times a day if you are exposed for a long time. The skin needs three days to synthesize the melanin, and ten days to regenerate cell defenses damaged by the sun. So do not intend to get a tan in 2 days. If your skin is white, use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. You can opt for some transparent tone. Wear a fancy hat. Wide wings, for example, never go out of style. What makeup do you wear to go to the pool or the beach?

Avoid heavy bases

Instead, use a lightweight base or just sunscreen with color, which is the best option. Also avoid compact dust, because when you start using it, it will turn into a compact mass. Lips Lips that are too loaded and flashy are not the best ideas for a beach look. Use soft colors. Bet on pink or orange, which are in fashion.

Don't use lip gloss, leave it at home

The extra shine acts like a magnet for the sun, increasing the possibility of returning home with burnt lips. Use a little blush or powder if you want to show a healthier tone. In fact, some of these powders have sunscreen.

Use waterproof eyelash mask

The mask is a great option, even better if it is water resistant. This way, you will be able to enter the sea or pool without it running off and, if this happens, you run the risk of getting out of the water with a panda bear look. However, if your mask stains your eyes, there is no problem: wet your fingers a little and run them through your eyes so that they look like eyeliner. It is much better to go to the beach or pool without eye shadow. Use long lasting eye pencils, they are also suitable for the beach. You can even bet on eyeliners with the colors of summer.

What do you need to do to highlight your eyes?

Do not use eyeliner on your upper eyelid. You can apply it to the bottom, but if it is white. Give your eyelashes volume, but don't overdo the mask for them. Remember to apply only on the upper eyelid. Do not use dark shadows, bet on light shadows and, if possible, with a little shine. Do the eyebrows to "clean" the eye area. It is essential to do it correctly to get a good frame, causing the impression of having bigger eyes.