The dress, one of the clothes that express femininity wonderfully, has not finished bringing a bit of sunshine into a woman's life. The flowery dress, where flowers are eternal and are not afraid of temperature fluctuations. It can be worn in summer as well as in winter, you just need the right combination and the right attitude why not!


When the sun is shining, the need for freshness is not far away. The flowery dress, announcing cheerfulness, romanticism and a touch of pop, wanders through the streets taking on every shape and letting itself be carried away by the summer wind. Flat sandals or heeled sandals and exotic-style bags are classic allies for wearing the flowery dress in style. For a rocking look, let the neckline bring its charm which will be escorted by a heeled boot and Ray-ban glasses. If the heat is a bit capricious, don't be afraid to wear white or black sneakers.


Flowers are not only made for the city, for the garden or for holidays. Abstract or realistic prints are suitable for this moment of shared happiness. In order not to make a fashion faux-pas, you have to choose the right accessories. A white dress with floral prints, square-heeled sandals, beautiful earrings, and a flap pouch will make the best trio to go with it. The wedding, where romance reaches its peak, is perfect for a pink floral dress. A pair of pumps, a minaudière, and you're done. If you're not leaning pink, navy blue would be a better alternative; this flowery dress would dance in the middle of the other flowers of the wedding.


The bohemian style expresses the beauty of the flowers printed in the spring dresses. With ruffled sleeves, the fluidity of the dress will be more accentuated; since bohemian means freedom and comfort. It is preferable to have the long dress, which is timeless and evokes this feeling of serenity. Sneakers, sandals, pumps, or boots will go perfectly well. So you can be chic and have a casual look at the same time, just wear the combination that suits your taste and the event you want to express your bohemian side.