To be the most stylish, it is necessary to have a complete wardrobe with essentials. An ideal wardrobe is made up of fashion basics, clothes of popular and famous brands that are essential for all situations. Once you've listed the essentials, you need to select precisely which clothes you absolutely must keep up to date in order to have a stylish outfit. This article explains what the essentials of a fashionista's wardrobe are.


A jacket like a blazer sends a message and adds an important finishing touch to a style for work as well as pleasure. So make sure that the message sent by your blazer is a positive one. A grey or black blazer gives a more sophisticated, serious and classy image at work. For a jacket, black is the most versatile colour, whether it is worn to affirm your style or worn for business. A navy blue blazer is also an excellent choice for work. Combined with a little beige or light brown, you can be seen as healthy, confident and well educated. Smaller women may opt for a shade of red to stand out and attract attention. For friendly or family events, you can choose a boyfriend jacket in denim or leather.


White shirts remain one of the must-have pieces of a dressing room, although the red, blue, check and denim shirts are also basic, but optional. A white cotton shirt with a round collar and short or long sleeves depending on the season. A leather perfecto style jacket that is neither too wide nor too long, a little slim-fitting. A tuxedo-style jacket or suit. Raw slim or straight jeans, but they don't go with all silhouettes. Cigarette-cut trousers. A slightly flowing black dress for round women or a black dress with a belt and a wallet. A cashmere sweater, in this case, opt for bright colours such as off-white, ecru, pearl grey and avoid black.


For dress events, black high-heeled pumps remain in first place. On a daily basis, to be trendy, comfortable and feminine, opt for boots with not very high heels. Comfortable and more masculine derbies-style shoes to offset an outfit that's a little too sexy if you combine it with heels or change boots. A thin black belt and a classic shoulder bag.