Even the simplest make-up is able to correct some imperfections of the face. But if you believe that to keep your skin beautiful, there are only two options, traditional make-up products, sold in stores and natural make-up, we have a novelty: there is a third way to keep your face beautiful and it basically involves some day-to-day care. It will count 9 ways that will help you look more beautiful and will show that what you need for that is within your reach. And at the end of the post, we present a bonus with more tips!
  1. take enough water

There is no better nutrition for the skin than complete daily hydration. It helps to eliminate dirt, impurities and pimples. You have probably heard of the importance of taking approximately 8 glasses of water a day. This is a tip that, although known, is of the utmost importance when it comes to taking care of the skin, because no matter how many lotions we apply to the face, the hydration of the deeper layers of the skin, the epidermis, happens from the inside, precisely with the consumption of liquids.
  1. Use a diffuser of essential oils to keep the skin hydrated

Diffusers are relatively easy to find on the market and fragment essential oils into microparticles in water, creating an automatic "mist" that benefits the skin. The use of this vapor has a long history in treating medical conditions and promoting health through so-called aromatherapy. Its use is associated, as we said, with hydration, but also with disinflammation and skin cleansing. You can turn on a diffuser before going to bed to let it act for an hour before going to sleep.
  1. Massaging the face with facial moisturizer

One trick you can apply to get redder cheeks (leaving them looking healthier) without using any chemicals is to give gentle massages. Take some of your face cream from your fingertips and apply it over your cheeks. Then massage gently with circular movements. The movements will stimulate blood circulation, creating a slightly reddish and healthy tone.
  1. Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush to give them a smoother, more colorful look

Enjoy your daily activities to enhance your face without chemicals! When you are brushing your teeth, gently brush over your lips to exfoliate them and get rid of dead cells. This will leave you with lips that have a softer surface and a more intense color, as you will have increased blood circulation in this area.
  1. Lift your eyelashes with a curvex or with the

    help of a spoon
Forget the eyelash mask! The only thing you need is to give them more protagonism. You can do this by lifting them with your usual curvex or creating a graceful curvature by passing them the edge of a teaspoon with an upward motion.
  1. Use a little coconut oil to comb your eyebrows and give shine to your eyelashes

You just need to take some coconut oil between your fingers and pass it through your eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have a little comb for them, you can fix them. The oil will give your eyelashes and eyebrows a shine. Also, as a bonus, you will strengthen them and stimulate their growth. And don't forget to make your eyebrows look natural. Eyebrows are the landmark of your face and as such can make your look and features more vivid.
  1. Enhance your face with accessories

For many it is the earrings; for others, the pendants. But the fact is that accessories, whatever they are, are always indispensable to look much better! To decorate your face with jewellery or bijouterie that are beautiful in themselves is a practice that increases a person's level of attraction. If the pieces are beautiful, the person becomes more beautiful.
  1. Keep your hair combed and tidy

We human beings have a tendency to seek balanced forms. Therefore, giving your face these characteristics is a practical way of not worrying about make-up in the morning. You can achieve this by ensuring that your hair is always in order and controlled. It doesn't matter if you have curls, waves or if you prefer your hair stuck or loose. The important thing is that it complements your face.
  1. Apply a mask containing cold gel to eliminate the swelling of the eyes at night

Low temperatures help minimize inflammation, so a cold gel mask can help your eyes to have vitality. Let it work at night and you'll benefit in the morning.