Nineties fashion has been reappearing on the tip of its nose lately. The high waist jeans is a way to remember the trend of yesteryear, but above all to have a look that stands out from the crowd. They are suitable for any occasion and any body type. However, it is necessary to know how to wear them to appreciate them at their true value and above all for these high waist jeans to draw the lower body perfectly.


Shirt, heel and high-waisted jeans; a perfect combo for a classic style that rocks! If it's a little chilly, the turtleneck with boots will amaze your morphology and give you the look of a dynamic working girl ready to face the day at work. If you want to feel sexy in these jeans, the plunging neckline would be a great ally on a romantic date or a chic dinner party. A cropped top is also an alternative to highlight the upper body, or why not opt for a knotted top: sexy and retro at the same time; perfect for a little trip with friends.


High waist jeans can be worn with sandals and high heels for a chic look. You can wear it with a little black top to make sure that the eyes are focused on you and your jeans thanks to the silhouette that is right for you. To stay sophisticated on a daily basis, a stylish top and mules will go perfectly with this type of jeans. The mom jeans is also a way to fully express your feminine side. Decorated with ribbons and bows, these jeans are undeniably a symbol of femininity. You can also wear a ruffled top, rather vintage, but essentially adapted to straight high waist jeans.


Comfortable and stylish, high waist jeans go just as well with flat shoes and a small tank top. T-shirts and oversize sweaters are assets that should not be forgotten for a totally relaxed look. For the chubby, a boyfriend shirt or a sailor's shirt are ideal with straight high waist jeans. Skinny or straight, these jeans also fit with the grunge style : small tank top, oversize checked shirt, boots and a big belt to lean a little to the baggy side.