Fashion is a lifestyle and allows a person to show off. This is because a person who follows the trend is also considered an intellectual person. The blazer is currently very trendy because it adapts to any situation (chic outfit, casual, summer winter, ...). Here are some tips for wearing a blazer following the trend.


The blazer is a kind of jacket with a more casual style than a normal jacket. It is a type of clothing that goes with any kind of outfit. There are even some people who wear jogging suits with a blazer. At the same time, the color white is very trendy at the moment, and above all it can be combined with any other color. Stylists are always creating new ranges and styles of blazer. The current trend is the white blazer, an ideal color for the spring season but especially during the winter. The blazer gives a chic side to an outfit. Whether a man or a woman especially as it fits all shapes (thin or round).


The white colour naturally makes a chic and elegant outfit combination. Wearing a white blazer makes it easier to send the outfit to the chic side. Pair it with a straight dress of another colour and white heels or pumps for example. Or also a black shirt and white straight trousers and pumps. A very classic kind of outfit, easy to make but above all very elegant. For women with a little more shape (round) it is advisable to wear an oversize blazer. Why the color white? Because it hides the shape and enhances the chosen outfit when combining.


For some, their life is to stay relaxed so he shows it by putting on a casual outfit. Indeed, the white blazer can be associated with any kind of outfit. Some designers associate the blazer with a t-shirt, jeans and pairs of sneakers or sandals. And to spice up the look, they add accessories such as a bracelet or a watch and necklace.  Indeed, a blazer can be worn over an everyday look. That's because it gives a simple, rather classic but at the same time casual look. The white color of the blazer also makes the suit lighter. But the advice of most designers is to wear clothes in the opposite color to the color of the blazer to enhance it.