There is no doubt that a well done make-up is the key to compose any look. But, different from what you think, makes and productions can take some time. So, if you're starting to learn how to make up now and you're still afraid to dare to make up in a delineated kitten or don't know how to make the perfect contour, know that there are some infallible tricks that can make the ritual a lot easier. That's why we've separated 5 make-up tips for you to risk without fear and take a chance!

#1 Opt for products of your skin tone

Are you looking at the pictures of the last roll and notice that it came out with white makeup on the pictures? Yeah, that's because of the base tone used. To avoid this problem, it's time to put your intuition aside and treat the subject as an expert in make. The first step to choose the right shade is to test the product on the skin, preferably the cheeks and chin. Also, try to balance the color of the cosmetic with your body. After all, no one wants to have a different color on their face than on their neck, right?

#2 Apply the concealer in an inverted triangle shape

There is no doubt that the concealer is our greatest ally to disguise dark circles, pimples and other skin imperfections. But for make to work, it's essential to know the best way to apply it to your skin. To do this, an infallible trick is to draw an inverted triangle in the region below the eyes. In this way, you avoid makeup becoming evident and ensure a uniform and natural coverage for dark circles. No mistake!

#3 Eyebrows give a make up

In different shapes and sizes, the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and deserve special attention. After all, they are able to give a look up and create the feeling of a defined and perfect outline. That's why it's important to start from their natural shape and just leave it more polished. Just use a pencil or pigment to mark your eyebrows the right way and leave them with a cool, natural touch!

#4 Vibrant color lipsticks match any skin tone

You're wrong to think that only women with light skin can wear dark lipsticks. There are no rules when it comes to make-up, and even if some vibrant colour lipsticks become more evident in some skin tones, there is no restriction to venture into textures and colours. If you have dark skin, nothing prevents you from wearing a red orange lipstick and daring the look. Or if you have light skin and want to get out of the traditional red mouthpiece, why not invest in a pink lipstick?

#5 Practice makes perfect

Who's never made a mistake trying to make a make alone? Surely you've been through the drama of the crooked outline or the blurred matte lipstick. But don't be discouraged! Always remember that perfect make-up is only achieved with a lot of practice. Invest in tutorials that show make tips and put them into practice. Look for Instagram inspirations and try to reproduce them at home.